Best of May 2013

Glorious days
I think Mozambique should advertise April and May just because of the fine weather. Yes, my best of May is May itself. And just because I don’t want my post to be a dissertation on this specific month, I’ll talk about this and that.

In addition to gorgeous weather, let’s see what made May 2013 special for me. I’ve spent a great deal of it with frivolous things. It’s around this time of the year that I invest in body oils and creams, as it would be a waste to use them during summer with the constant bathing and showering. Besides, it is absolutely disgusting the stickiness of most of them against the usually humid skin. I bought six different body creams to keep me entertained throughout winter 2013. For my dear second ballet teacher, creams are a waste of money but she never heard the words of my dermatologist when he periodically examines my skin for cancer signs. Yes, he is very flattering.

I’ve been also into virtual closets. It’s more of an organizational thing than pure vanity. As far as I can perceive, the virtual closet help us to remember aspects we tend to forget. For instance, on the 11th of May we were invited to a wedding in Xinavane, a small country town surrounded by sugar plantations. The ceremony itself occurred inside the sugar plant.

For the first time I selected what to wear via phone app and not going through my own stuff. I have too many dresses to worry about buying a new one. Actually, I had selected two but one of them eventually won. It is a 3 or 4 years old dress I only wore a couple of times at home (just to try it on) and I picked it because of place and weather. I was pleasantly surprised to see how that particular dress delivered after so many years of waiting.

The forecast predicted rain. Even so I picked a bag matching one color of the dress and shoes matching another existing color. The flower was picked from the chair I should have occupied during the ceremony, if not for a pigheaded old camera and my very amateurish attempts at photography. I had forgotten that for country weddings you should be wearing some flowers in your hair. The flower was the nicest touch. I lost it during the storm. The dress and bag escaped untouched. My dear shoes by Fausto Santini couldn’t survive the mud. Even though I sent them for repair, in my own eyes, they will never be the same. It’s the end of an era.

I have lots of stuff and I don’t regret it. I only keep what I like, no matter what brand or cost. I remember to get rid of too many things I was forced to buy again just because I missed them or they were trendy once more. Only this year I offered three monumental bags of clothing, one for employees and two for the victims of the floods. But there are the things I love, even if I don’t wear them any longer. Somehow I have a gut feeling that I shall wear them again.

Fashion is so repetitive that sometimes it has to go to extremes, so that people forget how repetitive it is. This time it’s the studs. Probably, next punk period will bring back the buckles. It becomes repetitive and boring because trends are empty of content if compared with what fashion was during the 60s and 70s. Fashion is a statement and these days people dress to state nothing. That’s my opinion. In general people want to be seen for the wrong reasons or follow the wrong options. The last time I saw men insistently staring at someone, she was a tall American woman standing at the entrance of the local Wallmart, boho dressed, almost resembling a character of a western movie, and smoking an impressive large cigar. Thanks to the massiveness and availability of fashion, we are becoming so similar that we shall end up invisible. And I am afraid that most labels are investing in new materials to fill the gap of creativity. A few of the dresses I tried lately are so worryingly heavy that I felt in them as if I were part of a movie, not a western but a sci-fi. Such heavy materials for Africa are a big no no.

On the 22th I was in Nelspruit. The sneakers I saw in one of the most followed fashion blogs were already on display everywhere. Conclusion? In small towns we may not find proper pyjamas for a toddler, but the latest trends are there. The quantity of options available these days is almost suffocating. Such quantities can only be explainable by a general lack of quality. Lately I’ve been buying in a shop where a month after purchasing something I find that same thing on sale, becoming obvious one of the two: they are buying too much for the clientele they have or they sell fast consuming products at prohibitive prices for such short-term life. Last month I bought two dresses. One of them is on sale now. The price range is R1.000, what usually means something between USD100 or 150, depending on the exchange rates. Once at home I discovered that I was the proud owner of two dresses made in China. As I paid R1.300 for one and R850 for the other (two or three times more than I would pay for the same at Zara), I was a little bit disappointed. It is becoming too evident that labels want to maintain their profits high by manufacturing at very low cost. We all know what happened in Bangladesh…

As a consequence, this time I tried a couple of different dresses and decided against. It’s not only the quality I suspect and contest. It is the trap of repetitive. One of the dresses was white. They are trendy now. It is understandable for the north hemisphere, but not the norm for us. It was a very simple dress, heavy like hell, with a shinny black belt. Even though it fitted like a glove, I was looking into the mirror and realizing I could do the same look with a couple of dresses I already own. I took the money and invested in a good pair of Hunter gardening/rain boots, most probably a Xinavane rebound? I’m sure I won’t get tired of them or find them on sale any time soon. They fill a lacuna in my closet.

Today is Saturday the 25th. I am wearing a summery floral dress. A cardigan and tights are the only winter notes. As I said before, the weather is magnificent. Thanks to my virtual closet, I’ve been learning new vocabulary, practical expressions such as tank top or cowl neck sweater. When I finish writing this I intend to open my virtual closet and select a new outfit for tomorrow. I am thinking white dress and black belt. Likes for virtual closets, country weddings and fair weather!


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  1. It’s taken me a while to work out that you’re a girl or, indeed, to work out anything about you. I like the blue minimalist design of your blog and your writing is more interesting than that of many bloggers I chance across.
    My only constructive (I hope) comment is that I wish your font size was larger!

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