A little more than twenty years ago, Mr. Anachronism signed a peace agreement with the Mozambican government. Looking at it, I should have said that he received carte blanche from his mentors to sign it, as long as a few conditions were met.

Mr. Anachronism leads one of those African military organizations the world strongly condemns but some insist in regarding through a different prism. In another words, some military organizations are better than others. To be coherent with the norm, only a state can have a military organism to secure borders and the people living within those borders. Any other exception is a serious motive of worry.

Mr. Anachronism is a really bad ass. You think bad and he and his men cover all aspects of the meaning. For more than 20 years of disguise as a political organization, he never authorized a single congress, where members would discuss inside matters such as the political leadership of Mr. Anachronism himself. That’s the kind of democracy some Western countries support! The result has been internal fights and the formation of other political parties. Right now no one knows what Mr. Anachronism’s party is. In reality, there are three separated groups inside the same party: 1) The military – a bunch of dangerous bandits. 2) The parliamentary – those paid to seat inside the Parliament mainly to shout obscenities. 3) And those who somehow are against the ruling party and see with good eyes the idea of any kind of change (f..k the majority of the Mozambicans), adding to that the regionalists, a local breed pretty close to racists.

It’s time for Western countries to rethink their policy towards Mozambique and a few other African countries. If there’s peace and some work is being done, leave them alone. Forget the myriad of never-ending resources and riches handed by obedient governments. As this is done at war expenses (and many other of different kind), intervention only makes westerners (and all of us) poorer and poorer. We should have an active role in stopping it. The 16th century is over. Mozambicans have demonstrated that they are not just a herd of sheep. Why not admit that sometimes democracy doesn’t serve your interests and/or has tonalities other than those your mind conceives?

At start, Mozambique was one of the luckiest countries to have a great leader, with a profound sense of fairness and democracy. Mondlane was killed, probably with the blessing of some. The Mozambican ruling party is the legacy of a great man, means stability and, if you look at Beira city, where a different party has been ruling for a good number of years, not that worryingly anti-democratic. The man in charge of Beira is not anachronistic. He is civilized. He even divorced Mr. Anachronism because he was too civilized to be part of his organization.

So, here you have it: there’s a man thinking that all those who have been investing in Mozambique are going to take it for a very long time. He thinks (and a few others seem to think it too) that he is living in the eighties. He is time travelling. By now he is back to a couple of decades ago, still in the bush and attacking when less expected. He seems to be unaware of three key aspects: 1) The government is open to dialogue. 2) Votes have been telling the way people feel towards Mr. Anachronism. 3) Votes are a fruit of WORK, and Mr. Anachronism’s work is inexistent or inefficient. Or maybe he doesn’t even try because he knows the reality: people don’t trust him and they never will. For the majority of Mozambicans, he is a folkloric figure they have to tolerate in the name of imposed reasons and/or concepts.

But what surprises me the most is not Mr. Anachronism or his bandits. He has never shown political skills. He keeps menacing to set Mozambique on fire and kill his own compatriots. Now he is coherent with his bestial nature and role. I just don’t understand why I only hear individuals talking against him. Where are the religious groups, the humanitarian organizations and so many others, when it comes to vigorously condemning the killing and the violence? Is it political incorrect to attach to Mr. Anachronism and his bandidos the word criminals? Is “democracy” so damn important to explain non-dignifying silences and alliances?

Last week, for the first time, a group of voices raised to state that Mr. Anachronism should be judged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. I just hope many others follow the example and stop the dismissive shrugging when the news is about an entire family having being slaughtered by Mr. Anachronism. I am not even Mozambican or into parties and politics, but I felt compelled to post where I stand regarding crime against civilians, bloody violence and extreme political blackmail. We should state clearly our positions. We are sending the wrong message to Mr. Anachronism and the world. Our silence is accomplice.


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