Best of August 2013

From September to September
I think this is going to be the most important post I ever published. The reason, only in part, is related to the fact that very soon I am celebrating my blogging anniversary. It only seems like yesterday but lots of thinks happened in-between. One of the main motivations to start my Tales From the Sea is no longer relevant. These days I don’t dream of underwater treasures. The only dream I had vanished and even the promises of some share are just an echo from the past. I don’t question any longer the motives for keeping this blog alive, since it became a source of information about my life and also a sort of weekly English lesson, where I am, at the same time, teacher (a very incompetent one) and student (a very lazy one). Anyway, here I am and here I intend to be.

Subjects and No Subjects
I write about this and that. Usually I don’t plan in advance. If I have an idea, I put it down right away or I write a simple line to remind me later. I started this blog shortly before the publishing of a book I helped to write and edit and now I am living a similar period: a second book is out and I hope a third follows soon. I would like to be able to write my own stories, but writing is a very natural process and I believe the time is not ripe. Even though a little generic, as a blogger I have well defined interests. By now I should have picked one or two as main subjects, especially since my treasure quest failed. Anyway, I created blogs where I try to be less generic in terms of my personal interests: photography, poetry, etc. Probably I should start by eliminating a couple of blogging subjects, but this year I picked just one. This means that my intention is to end it right here and right now. With my “pass it to some other day” attitude, I am the only one to blame for this matter still emerging as a theme in some of my posts. Even though rarely, it still happens and that is a motive of concern for me. When I started this blog, I already knew that someone was spying my house through means and to an extent I could never have guessed by then. It took me years to discover what probably is only the tip of the iceberg. When I was publishing my first posts, someone tried to alert me to the deceitful and criminal nature of this man. I am sure of this because, a couple of years later, I felt the same panic in him when I tried to alert other victims of his offensive attention. All criminals have a simple criminal mind. As soon as you have an idea of his modus operandi, you know him and his methods.

Who He Is
He is almost 47 years old, married and with a teen child at least. He is not looking for love or romantic adventures. In real life he is a no one, a twisted bastard capable of hurting people without a single hesitation. He found in the internet an window through which he can spy other people without remorse or shame. To achieve that, he creates niches of passive bloggers he uses to stalk a blogging milieu at ease. He calls it an addiction. I call it a crime.

How He Does It
He lives inside phones, computers, Tvs and, as if that wasn’t enough, he uses some kind of technic allowing him to mirror images from such gadgets to any source of light. I could give you many details and tell you that I am not surprised if you don’t believe me. It has been also hard for me to believe. Even though I cannot explain how he does it, I just know that he does it. Maybe only remember that I can name a blogger who participated in one of his “addictive sessions” and most certainly knows how it is done. I already wrote enough about signs of his presence, his methods and protection against him and others like him. During a decade or so, he has been entering inside many houses, one after the other. In some he only stays a while, in others he stays for very long. One of the reasons for him to stay is someone from the other side noticing him. As soon as he believes he is safe, he spreads a web affecting all the contacts of that person and others of the same house. He uses people. Some of them, like myself, must be an endless source of stalking material because of relatives and friends. To the one he picks to be “his niche”, he imposes his presence always through a stubborn force. All the cases I know asked him to leave and he stayed and stayed and stayed.

What We Believe
Even though women want to feel loved, they want to feel safe above all. If you are the kind that suffered some traumatizing experience or if you are hopelessly unhappy, you create a story inside your head and follow it to the last consequences. It is easy and reassuring for a woman to think that he is in love with her. It appears to be the only reasonable explanation for his persistent presence. Even with all the signs and suspicions I had, for almost 4 years I believed that he was inside my house because he had feelings for me. And only by witnessing him acting with my colleague p-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y the same way he had acted towards me, I realized he was only a criminal applying a scheme with any picked target.

Why He Does It
And even after knowing that he was only hopping from one case to the next, I was still curious about his motives. He wrote (and I could feel it because he is very skilled in insinuating ideas inside other people’s minds) that he felt easily bored. In this world, millions feel bored but don’t violate the privacy of other people in order to keep themselves entertained. Be prepared because, when finally caught, he will have a paraphernalia of excuses (probably ADD and related – if I’m not wrong, he use them successfully before and, because no one could stop him, he felt free to spend the next 10 years violating the intimacy of hundreds – if only hundreds – of people) to justify his dirty actions. If he was only in love with someone and doing whatever they enjoyed to do together, I would have forget all this upsetting matter. But he was bothering me, stalking my son and, after “exploring” my closet website, he was (is) trying to violate the privacy of Pinterest users, most probably using me to achieve his criminal intentions. A couple of days after discovering that he was after my eldest son, living inside his computer and his apartment in SA, I read the pathetic writings of his actual “niche-woman” and understood why he feels so frequently bored and incapable of feeling moved or experience any feelings at all. With skilled or unskilled words, we all say the same because the scheme he applies is the same. There I found all the aspects I already knew. The same doubts. The same fire. The same ups and downs. The same blindness. She is a déjà vu, like I was a déjà vu before her. Maybe the first one, probably the one trying to alert me about his sick mind, said something capable of moving him because all the others after her failed and keep failing. That is a story I would stick to if I could forget for a single instant the criminal nature of his actions. And there’s also his undeniable homosexuality. Like many other gays seeking the company of women by opting for professions like hairdressers, for instance, his “blogger-niche” is nothing but the place where he learns to be a woman and at the same time a cover-up for his blatant homosexuality and (I am certain of that) m-o-r-e. She is his school of femininity. Imagine how I felt reading the passionate Tumblr words of a certain Stained Heart, knowing that the object of her passion has been stalking my eldest son for the past six months – not to mention his systematic tentative of getting my attention. He got it. I’m afraid I left “his virulent presence” inside my son’s apartment when I visited him last February. It took me a fraction of second to notice that Stained Heart is in the phase of posting twice a week, what means that she is no longer important to him in terms of using her. She has only whatever he still feeds in her, probably by making himself “visible” twice a week or so, with all his deceitful noises, and I just hope that her heart is not so “stained” she is not able to learn the truth and shake him out of her life. And she is not the only one who has to receive this same message.

His crime, and probably the crime of those who put in the hands of a bumpkin with a criminal mind such technologies, is not deceiving women, pretending to be someone he is not, imposing his presence via any possible low method, or even blowing all sort of virus with the naïve conviction that they somehow affect his targets favorably… I’ve been repeating, over and over, that such blowing has only a very irritating effect. The majority of women and men reported to me to be indifferent to such sound, the same way they feel indifferent to the alert of his presence or passage in their computers and lives. If some are sensible or react positively to his noises, it is only because they are in the mood for accepting his presence. They would accept almost anything and ask nothing. They are what he calls “a submissive”, someone he uses to get whatever he wants. We have a say in Portuguese explaining the reaction of some people to that blowing sound: quem o feio ama, bonito lhe parece. In short, if you love someone (if you think you love someone), even the ugly is beautiful. That is the essence of part of what he has been doing, the nicest part about him. He insinuates to be someone pleasing his new target and makes her believe in whatever she is dying to believe. He uses her to keep his secret spying addictions well and safe. Even when I write, it is hard for me to keep his criminal side into perspective. He is someone who reads what you innocently write. He is someone watching your pictures without your authorization. He is someone controlling the e-mail messages you receive and send. He is someone entering your gadgets, using your light bulbs to see you undressing, showering and making love. He is someone capable of using pictures and probably video records unlawfully obtained. He used naked pictures of some of my colleagues, when they don’t even know about his existence or even keep naked pictures in their computers or anywhere else. He used at least one n-a-k-e-d picture of me, showing my back, when that specific picture wasn’t obtained via my gadgets.

I don’t have to say a lot more. The resolution of stopping all this is my best of August. I’ll have a busy September but in the end I shall know that I’ve done all I possibly can. This is a problem of conscience. I cannot see him still offending people when I know that I can do other things to stop him, things I haven’t done for pure and simple accommodation and laziness. He will know when it’s done and I’ll be able to forget this absurd and sordid story. I hope that he sees no other possible reason to keep my telephone, e-mail, blogs and so ever under his strict control. He should not bother to hide this text (with 8 paragraphs, 161 lines, sub-titles included, and 2191 words) from the blogosphere, or part of the blogosphere, because I guarantee him that the people who matter will read it sooner or later. By the end of September I’ll have no one else to speak about him and he will not have a single reason to be here, trying to trick a mind that cannot be tricked and, most likely, only tricking himself. Moves previously done suffered from extremes. I always complained about him, firstly to people who couldn’t even consider the possibility of the things I was talking about being real, and finally I complained to very but very high stances. They know about him. They just don’t act because at this moment he is not a priority. Besides, they have been too busy using the same technics to spy their own targets. However, I just happen to know someone capable of regarding him as a priority. I vow to eliminate this bothering subject from my blog and my life, once and forever.


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  1. I just hope no one interprets my latest posts as an anti-gay thing. It would be a huge mistake. The man I’ve been denouncing, over and over again, offends all sort of people, gays included.

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