We Are Not Alone

On the 9th of September an object coming from the sky landed at Costa’s farm. Costa is a retired man, spending most of his pension in Laurentina beer. He and his family sighed with relief because the fire ball had spared the house, Costa still sleeping inside and the cars. It was 9am sharp. Half an hour later a local TV station was filming a burned rectangular area of 20mx15m and Costa’s son, who happens to work for Andy, told me directly that they were expecting the visit of an investigative team.

While Costa couldn’t feel a thing but the hangover, all his neighbourhood described to the reporter the fire ball coming from the sky, almost landing at Costa’s 160mx120m farm, and taking off again. One of them said: “We suspect that they left someone or something that can be hiding at Costa’s home right now.” Costa, who these days must feel even more thirsty than usual, only rolled his eyes for the cameras. The eyewitnesses already had reached a consensus: “It was a spaceship!”

The stories are running fast. People no longer wonder why the incandescent object missed the house since it was commanded. It landed at Costa’s precisely at 9am on the 9th of September: 9-9-9! I heard that they left a spare part of approximately 1m at the site and people from a local institute had collected it. This is the only part I couldn’t confirm yet.

I suppose this is going to be a long summer. Long summers demand an endless supply of Laurentina. Costa should start to charge the visitors to his yard. Local pensions are pretty insignificant, you see…

As soon as I opened my eyes for a very summery September 10, the first words I heard were Andy’s: “We are not alone.” Even if for some it’s only space detritus, for others the ETs are a certain thing. Well, with all the amounts already spent on the space adventure, we have only two reasonable lines of thought: either they have proofs or they are crazy…

I read signs. Most of the time I interpret what happens near me. I am starting to believe that sooner or later something is going to hit me like a space projectile. I suppose I’ll be ready. I am always ready to accept what others decide, as long as I don’t have to live with the consequences of their decisions.