From This Large Window

The windows of the gym where I recently started zumba classes are amazingly large and, following the local rule, open directly onto the bay. I try to be there ten or fifteen minutes before the class to watch the sunset from an old bench where usually we park gym bags, towels, bottles of water or whatever we have to keep close at hand. Currently I’m listening to a soundtrack with lots of classical tonalities. It feels really good before the bath of Latino tunes.

Last Monday I found myself thinking that a good blog should be like those large windows, showing a lot in a very eloquent silence. That takes me to my old intention of posting more images, something nearly impossible because, for security reasons, my photo projects always face the stubborn opposition of others. There’s also my lifestyle. I would never be a good window since I live very far from the crowd. However, there are moments. All I have to do is to be attentive and capture those moments whenever possible.

This is an amazing city, full of contrasts. (I am very into contrasts right now. The classical and the Latino are a good example of that.) Those living here have to be ready for the lack of many things and, at the same time, be prepared to the unexpected. Days ago we found a new patisserie. (Another one! My house is becoming an island surrounded by patisseries. It’s the ultimate temptation…) This one is owned by a nice French guy and sells the most amazing croissants, baguettes and seed loafs. It must be one of the best patisseries in Africa, right in the heart of this town. The macaroons beat everything I have tasted up to this day. The cakes are superb, especially the cheese, peach and raspberry ones.

Probably, as a sort of conclusion, I should add just another line: from this large window, sometimes is bitter sometimes is sweet…