On Snakes, Dogs, Walls and More

It’s late but I have to write this. Sometimes we live life-changing moments and this one was important as an alert to what kind of people I am and I want to be. Even though I am not sure of that, I’ll be very happy if this is my last post of 2013.

It was a bright morning. My mood was even brighter. Nothing seemed capable to change this positive flow… except my neighbour and his never-ending construction job. When he moved to the neighbourhood, a connoisseur of this town and its people alerted me: “Is this your new neighbour? He and all his family are the worst snakes!” I just didn’t care because I am not the kind to bother neighbours or be bothered by them. They do their things. I do mine. Life goes on. Snakes or no snakes. I was forgetting that snakes have ways of infiltrating our homes.

Imagine that you are having a shower bath and some worker decides to move your deposit of water and finally, frustrated with his unsuccessful attempts, closes a few valves from a water system not belonging to the house where he is working. First the water becomes brown and them you end up with no water at all to rinse the soap covering your body. That’s the kind of situations I am talking about. And this neighbour, who is well informed of all the trouble and monetary expenses he is causing, hasn’t done a single gesture to make our lives better.

Now the incident. I was enjoying my sun when someone from the other side decided to enlarge the already existing cracks in a common wall, as if the intention was, in fact, taking the all thing down. We reacted strongly. They stopped. The worst is that my heart almost stopped. They invited me to see. I went to the construction site, full of snakes gliding from one side to the other. And let me tell you, we have been suffering for nothing. They are murdering the house of a great architect, who by the way is very ill. The next-door house is dying at the same time of its creator. I could tell you many aspects I observed but I think one is enough: they took all the wonderful Mozambican wood of windows and doors and substituted it for PVC. Well, my visit to the place served to conclude that they could have prevented the stress they inflicted to the house and to us by using different methods.

Paul arrived after and was furious like hell. He could have avoided more scenes but his blood boils too easily. The question is that our dogs were already excited with all the noise produced by both sides, and Thoth, the male dog, decided to bite someone at hand: Paul.

Paul and Andy forgot the neighbour. They also forgot the exceptional circumstances that led to the biting. They started to talk about taking the dog down. I got even madder than I was previously. I said: “You kill this dog and I’ll kill myself, but I won’t go in silence!” My heart, that had almost stopped minutes before, was beating disorderly.

For two long days I had to hear people talking against dogs. Thoth is now at the vet, more for his protection than the contrary. The vet confirmed that the dog is friendly and the bites don’t indicate real aggressiveness. Nevertheless, Thoth is going to lose his balls because it’s better to lose something than everything. The dogs that I like are pretty excitable and the procedure is quite frequent. I remember to ask a South African friend I used to deal with, when I owned surf shops, how could he run with his unleashed dogs on the beach. My dogs would go crazy and bother people, running after them and probably attacking, because that is what happens when a dog gets excited. He said he could manage the situation because he had castrated them. I have no other option if I want to keep the dog. And I really do.

In the middle of all this I decided to change my blood. I am not sure how I will do such radical thing. I simply have to. I cannot go on losing my temper the same way. One of the major sources of blood boiling is my computer. Two days after my decision I was capable of biting someone. A mortal bite. Maybe changing one’s blood is impossible.

These days I read one of those enlightening horoscopes. It posed a simple question: “How can you turn your mystical, lonely, internal processes into money-making marvels that will pay the bills and leave you in peace?” Maybe the answer to that question is within these lines. I can’t. I am too busy fighting snakes, saving dogs and controlling myself not to bite people.

More recently I entered a room where someone I know was referring to a group of friends that is planning to spend a few weeks in Inhambane to forget how traumatizing 2013 has been: the kidnapping of people, the ghost of war, flight 470 down and now MandelaI couldn’t help saying: “Just tell me who they are… I want to join that group!