The Bloodstain

It was hard for me to believe that a mosquito could have blood stained my pillow the size of a small coin. I refuted the mosquito theory and evoked the nose bleeding. It wouldn’t be the first… But when I removed the pillow, there it was: a large dark mosquito was lying dead on the white sheet. Paul remarked how lucky I was to have neutralized the mosquito before some of my contaminated blood had been injected back into my blood stream. I commented: “I just hope he burst with my blood.” And I took a picture because I was sure I would write about the stain, not as an incident but as an analogy.

Mosquitos are stupid or despairingly hungry or both. They insist in biting when a hand is ready to purée them. They suck our blood, even when we react and turn their enjoyable meal into a last supper. I believe that political leaders behave like mosquitos. They lack vision, independence and intelligence to foresee the backlashes of their political decisions.

In History classes I learned how for centuries the European countries trusted that growth and wellbeing were directly related with the stability in the continental borders. Regimes capable to implement peace and act as protecting shields against less friendly civilizations were regarded as fundamental. Now look how the European political leaders of today are incapable to put the interests of Europe first. Someone decided to destabilize the north of Africa and so on. Reasons or no reasons, a good leader must put the interest of his country first. What we have seen is the new political leadership, accountants apart, embarking on a crusade with malefic consequences for Europe.

Because Africans can no longer live in the countries where chaos has been created, they are trying to find ways to intrude into Europe in search of what they no longer have. There are many stories and the number is rising. The European political and economical stability is only possible if the buffer countries enjoy peace. This is a primary principle. The European leadership forgot it or just don’t know it? Don’t care? Are no longer equipped with the capacity to evaluate the consequences of their decisions? The analogy.

And look at this statement (I couldn’t find the English version). For a first it is a copy of another one issued before. Lately, they check if they are well tuned first. It is as if Europe had no longer its own mind, its own heart. All the terminology seams to be correct, but in fact they put in the same bag criminals that are killing innocent people and the ruling party, which receives and protects European citizens, interests and diplomatic personnel. I suppose the reasons are not very far from what moved politicians since the XVI century: exploring the richness of underdeveloped countries. This is another age. They should know it and move on. R-e-a-l-l-y!


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