The Learning Cycle

One of the reasons why so many couples are unhappy is our total or partial ignorance of the main attributes we would like to see in somebody to love. And probably because our expectations are high, those attributes also explain why so many of us are alone. My “ideal man” list is a sort of poem I intend to update when any other important aspect surfaces. I called it The Cycle Is Complete (or almost complete) because I believe that only now I have an idea of how my man should be.

Someone tall
Someone ageless
Someone medium build
Someone interested in life
Someone sure of what he wants
Someone comfortable with himself
Someone with the right doubts and regrets

Someone with no shadow of cruelty
Someone who loves nature and animals
(in spite of picking dogs above all the rest)

Someone who doesn’t smoke (be it figurative or literally)
Someone who loves food and wine – but doesn’t live for it

Someone free… in spite of what
Someone with a mind… and a perfect soul
Someone with a strong two-sided notion of respect
Someone capable of dreaming inside the bubble of reality

Someone deserving my admiration
Someone who doesn’t crave for attention
Someone with a profound sense of privacy

Someone who is a lover in the form and in the content
and occasionally a friend (because sometimes we need one)

Someone with inner fire

Someone serious
Someone playful
Someone adorably fool

Someone who would take my hand and say:
“Let’s kiss in the rain today…”