Best of March 2014

What have you been up to?
If writing a blog is somehow related with writing a diary, and writing a diary is a daily (or not so daily) way of answering the question “What have you been up to?”, I’ve never been in a better position to answer to that.

This week post should be about love, a strange kind of love that is developing in the streets and suburbs of this town. As I don’t think that such love is going to disappear any time soon, I thought I should write the answer to the above question instead.

My backyard is a mess. I cannot step outside without being exposed to cement. I fight my insane rage against the unskilled workers building the wall separating us from a neighbour I learned to distaste. A good help in this daily struggle to keep my head cool is exercise.

Yes, I returned to zumba only to discover what is wrong between zumba and me (plus salsa and other Latino dances). One easily assumes that people from a certain country are automatically Latinos and therefore should enjoy all Latino rhythms. Even I, based in such generalist conclusion, was trying hard. It was in the middle of my last attempt to zumba that I discovered why I cannot move as I should. I feel sleepy. From the first or second tune, I have to control an urgent need to sleep. Usually I fight sleep biting my cuticles, or eating, or thinking about some subject very far from the matters of the class. As I cannot bite cuticles or eat in the middle of a dance class, I am pure and simply absent. This reaction to Latino tunes is somehow related with my childhood, but that is marginal to this post.

It’s a complete different story with tango or even ballet. I know I struggled with both, but at least I felt something quite different. Call it motivation. No more zumba for me, then.

I would gladly pick tae bo. Unfortunately they don’t have it for now and so I was kind of pushed to bounce. Surprise, surprise! I like it very much! Bouncing gave me another insight about what I look for in any active routine, that is, an opportunity to express two important opposite sides of my personality: my latent rage (against this and that, now it’s my neighbour and his infamous workers) and my joy for whatever reason.

Besides bouncing, I’ve been pinning. Let me tell you that both bouncing and pinning are very addictive. It took me two classes to understand how addictive bouncing is. With pinning, I suspected it immediately because I had previous experiences of scrapbooking.

I discovered very fast that I couldn’t “see” the pins because when I looked at any board I could only perceive color and chaos. I could have pinned the best images, still the pins would be just a blur with no appeal or meaning. Consequently, my inclination to organize surfaced…

Today I was glad to see someone else who feels the need to give a number to the recipes she has been pinning, so that she identifies them when she needs one. I just hope she doesn’t face the same troubles I’ve been facing, since the total number of pins showing in some of my boards do not correspond to the actual number counted by me. That is causing me a lot of confusion. It would be acceptable a difference between their number and the actual number for a short while, not days and days saying that I have 348 pins in a given border where I easily count 350. It’s quite strange. It used to be more pins than the total, but after I complained I started to have less pins than the correct number.

And there are also the people we pin from. It’s completely upsetting to see in the list of people we pin from some name and face we are absolutely sure we never pinned from. I presented both problems the best way I could. They always suggest changing passwords, but that doesn’t change a thing besides the very password.

What I am trying to say is that blog services should be more responsible and active in terms of protecting their users. We are completely at the mercy of unscrupulous people, just because such services are at their mercy, and their operative systems porous to all kind of invasions. Some even go from one blog host to the next, proving, most certainly, that it’s not the users that they stalk but the operative system of the host. Their main aim is breaking system after system. At least this is the case I am talking about. And what is irritating me is that after breaking the system, they start bothering user after user until they get tired (ADD obliges) and search another host with new exciting challenges and users.

Blogging reminds me of parking lots signs. They always state that they are not to be held responsible for this and that, but then why charge for the parking? We are erecting irresponsible societies. I was enjoying pinning for too many reasons. Talking about aims, probably the main reason for me to keep pinning is the story of an American woman who was murdered in Valentine’s Day and her boards are still there, showing the recipes she collected and the fashion she liked. Woman solidarity? Don’t even ask…

I pin symmetrically and following patterns and stories that I create, depending on my mood and occasional interests. In my perspective it’s quite entertaining. As for all the food we pin, it’s better to appreciate it in the pictures than eating more than we already eat. I suppose it’s cathartic. I see lots of shoes pinning. They are collected as if they were real shoes. More curiously, I know someone who decided to finish her studies just because she wants a good job to buy all the beautiful things she has been pinning.

But despite all my reasons and all the stories and all the recipes and all the shoes, one thing is for sure: if my boards keep showing the wrong number of pins and my list of people I pin from keeps showing faces I never pinned from, I’ll delete my account without a second thought. Even though it was fun while it lasted, I have more interesting and urgent things to do than spending my days counting pins and trying to solve other pinning mysteries.

So if you asked me what I’ve been up to lately, it would be easy for me to say: “I’ve been pinning and bouncing.” The two seemed to make some sense: p and b. When I put both letters together, I see my lucky number. That’s another story, one where I transform almost everything that happens in my life in numbers. Probably the most accurate answer to that question is: “I’ve been bouncing. And I start to have doubts about pinning…”