Forgiving Myself

Winter is not far and I am late in all those rituals preceding its arrival. It’s not that I am not aware, the number of things to do seem to multiply with each passing year. Healthily, my first winter gesture was stocking lip balms. Even though my second gesture was far more important (organizing drawers, etc.), it’s taking me so long that, by the end of the cold season, I’ll still be doing the same.

My summer closet is very much like my winter closet, especially after a summer where my favorite colors and outfits were marked by sobriety. After a very color free summer, watching some stars wearing bright yellow makes me feel like we have been living in different galaxies. A random sample of my favorite 2014 summer outfits: black, almost black, gray, nudes and nudes, with a few exceptions, shorts, more shorts and less than shorts… I gave up virtual closets. I’ll keep my outfits as a souvenir, hoping that one day I’ll get time and reasons to organize a functional private closet.

Anyway, I have to gather time and energy to sort out winter items such as skirts, trousers (long time no see), cardigans and a little more. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not (only) pure laziness from my side. I’ve been writing, exercising and doing minor home makeovers, all at the same time. When I prioritize, I just tend to neglect most of my daily or seasonal routines. And I forgive myself for that.