Matching Old and New

Last week I forgot to post. The reason is called “home makeover fever”. I’ve been feeling stressed just because I ignored, or forgot, how crucial and difficult is an apparently simple step: tile picking.

I don’t know how expensive tiles are around the world, but I suppose it’s almost the same. You can pick good expensive or inexpensive, and bad expensive or inexpensive. The average price for tiling an average size bathroom (28m2 of walls) is around 1.000USD.

In spite of what we are paying, I don’t think the price is my major source of worries. If we were planning a new floor, the solution would be quite easy. But we intend to keep the old floor and so my concern is matching the new walls to the existing floor. And even though I end up successful in matching, I suppose I’ll always look at one and see “old” and at the other and see “new”. Most probably, I’ll try to achieve the match by introducing details between old and new.

There’s another aspect quite disturbing. The tiles I am replacing are 60 years old. I’ve been living under the success and mistakes of someone else. Now I cannot avoid the feeling of how definitive is the gesture of picking new tiles. Once done, I shall live under the shadow of my own success or failure.