Renovation Puzzle

My winter home organization goes usually to drawers and clothing. This year I am very lazy in such areas. Instead, I am room renovating. As I don’t have a large budget, I am answering to urgent needs and following the existing trends.

The front room, these days my very own room, needs a ceiling paint. It’s going to get it. Besides, I am reinforcing the African décor by introducing new wall elements.

The middle room, which in my family is usually reserved for the children, is going to get full paint and a new theme introduced by seven pictures of boats. Basically, I am using my own pictures and that is a personal touch I hope to be as pleasant to others as it is for me.

The major renovation has been reserved for the bathroom. It is well deserved. For years we have been doing cosmetic interventions, but tiles with 60 years were asking for retirement. The only thing we keep is the old floor, just because we know how difficult is to remove it. Even though the new walls are now contrasting with the old floor, I have plans to use good African wood and a few other details to balance the contrast. The theme? Well, birds. Besides the aquarelles I bought some time ago and are being framed new, I am using two pictures I took: one rare eagle and one wild duck.

Now I have the back room to decide. The existing theme is water, fish and fishermen. I could keep the same theme, improving it only. Or I could change the theme to sunsets or local buildings. It’s my only doubt. Renovation is like a puzzle: it’s not done until the last piece fits in.