Hard Times

It has been really hard lately. Last weekend I felt better and somehow conformed with Paul’s fate. It lasted one day. A child got really sick. Even though emotional, it’s also physical. The medicine treating his physical condition affects his emotional symptoms. It has been a painful struggle.

It’s not only the child. The adults have been talking and we all show the same symptoms. Ti is really upset and his worrying conclusion is that something or someone is poisoning us. I don’t think is the food or water, because I’ve been vigilant in the kitchen and mostly we drink mineral water. I am always vigilant when we have someone new cooking for us. The only explanation left is environmental poisoning. If that is true, it can only be related with my neighbour’s home rehabilitation. It’s been almost three years of dust, cement, ants and whatever I am forgetting right now.

That man is so obnoxious that he dared to close the gate of his house with a loud bang the moment we were returning from the cemetery. I remember to tell: “And I was thinking of shaking his hand…” Andy told me right away: “You shouldn’t shake the hand of a beast.”

Here we are, so worried with the fate of a child that we are forgetting the pain that we felt before. Probably this is a way of showing us that life is about the living, about going on. What I know right now is that I feel an itching in the sole of my feet. I am not the type to sit and wait.

I just couldn’t post the above before knowing that the child is well. Yesterday I was at the cardiologist and the first examination tells that everything is fine with me. In spite of the good news, I left the clinic with a vein throbbing in my head. I don’t think something is wrong with my brain. It’s just the amount I’ll have to pay for the exams to be sure how well is my being well.