If You Can’t Have One

This is a short post, just to confirm that I am still alive and kicking. All I can say is that I feel much better than just a few weeks ago. It can be related to the conversation I had with my doctor over the phone, about the final results of my check-up. He said: “To your surprise… and… to my surprise, there’s nothing wrong with you. No cholesterol. No sugar. Nothing at all.”

In short, I just have to be careful with the levels of acidity in my stomach, something I am learning to live with. Besides such hopeful information, there are other motives to feel good:

– The bureaucratic war reached the middle of its path.
– I finally found someone capable to take care of the exterior of my house.
– There’s a good feeling around, which I celebrated buying new plants.

I picked Paul from many possible options because I suspect that I have a thing for political analysts. As Paul is no longer around and I believe that political analysts don’t grow from trees, I decided to try to be one myself. So these days I’ve been busy discovering how to become a political analyst…