Theme Dilemma

I don’t really know why I felt like redecorating the upstairs rooms accordingly to themes. I suppose it happened naturally. For years I had troubles with the front room. I couldn’t do most of the things I liked just because the curtains were so dominant. With time I accepted the obvious. I had to go with the flow and use only soft neutrals. Them I discovered a painting by Samate matching the curtains. That was the start of my first theme: Africa. This is the room where the theme is also about objects like busts, boxes, etc.

I could never find a suitable place for the bird aquarelles I bought. They ended up in the bathroom. The theme birds happened and it’s a keeper. The middle room was also easy. I needed a playful theme and I found it in the pictures of boats I’ve been taking. It’s a happy room now, a lot better than it used to be.

Then I had a few infantile ideas for the stairs and corridor. Finally, I went for the obvious: old family photos. Even though the job is not executed, I expect amazing things.

The trouble is the back room. I’ve been piling themes and none of them is perfect for that specific space:

wise words
Ilha de Moçambique

Right now I am inclined to use some Ilha de Moçambique pictures and a couple of poems. I am almost sure that tomorrow I shall have a different opinion, if I have the time to think about it…