Best of August 2014

Things I’m learning just because…

1. Pay the water bill.
2. Pay the electricity bill.
3. Pay the house bills.
4. Pay the phone bills.
5. Pay the satellite TV.
6. Pay the internet service.
7. Pay for the food and other expenses.
8. Pay the newspaper bill and decide which one deserves to be paid.
9. Bank stuff.
10. Work for two.
11. Think for two.
12. Pick the wine.
13. Walk the neighborhood.
14. Get wheels to a couple of places.
15. Get really scared and act if a cockroach appears.
16. Get extra time for me and for my family.
17. Keep the jacuzzi clock working properly.
18. Wake up early to open the door to the house staff.
19. Change the lamps.
20. Face the storms alone (metaphorically or not).
21. Apply my own creams.
22. Water a sensitive plant inside the house.
23. Oil doors and curtain rods.
24. Bats!!!!!!!
25. Opening cans.
26. Preparing piri-piri.

This is an on going list. Sometimes the best is kind of painful…


2 thoughts on “Best of August 2014

  1. You are learning to be independent. It is both the hardest and most rewarding thing you will learn. Some people never get a chance to do it. And you are doing it very well! ❤

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