My Liquid Life

I only drink four sorts of liquids: tea, water, beetroot juice and red wine. Except for the water, they all have a similar color. Well, from time to time I don’t mind to have a glass or two of champagne. I feel no attraction whatsoever for any other drink. Even though I like the smell of coffee, I stopped drinking it long ago. I didn’t like the rush it gives, only because after the rush we feel down again. I still like the smell, but then I like the smell of perfume and don’t drink it.

Tea is my absolute favorite. Being addictive, I try to have a strong morning coffee only. If I feel like having another cup later, I pick a milder option such as rooibos. If I could I would drink at least 3 or 4 cups of black tea per day.

I drink water because I have to. I have two glasses when I wake up. It’s the best solution to keep the doctor’s bill low. For the rest of the day I just drink water if I feel thirsty or if I exercise.

I drink beetroot juice with the same enthusiasm I drink wine. Contrary to my tea addiction, I am not at risk of addiction to any of the two.

I discovered an organic beetroot juice I learned to love, after years and years avoiding the sugary stuff sold in packs. I don’t mind carrot juice mixed with some other flavor, as long as it’s freshly squeezed. That’s my shortlist for juices.

I drink red wine in a very wise way. My doctor sticks for it. Even though I usually opt for Merlot, I also appreciate a good Shiraz. I feel very successful when I discover an exceptional Merlot. Merlot, if you don’t know it yet, is the best wine to fight the free radicals.

Even though wine is addictive, I am sure I am not at risk. As I smoked for too long, I know very well what addiction is about. Addiction works more like this: if I feel like wine, any wine will do. I am too picky to be at risk. I like the idea of tasting a new wine, enjoying it when it deserves to be enjoyed. If not enjoyable, there’s always some meat to marinate.

With wine I follow the same principle of water: no more than two glasses. My favorite wine glasses are as small as liquor glasses, meaning that my two glasses are actually one. Another important aspect regarding wine addiction is avoiding the all days or all weekends regime. There’s no way you escape developing some sort of addiction if you drink every day or even every weekend. The ideal is one bottle every fortnight or even every month. The pleasure of a glass of good wine with a parma ham sandwich is one of those things to die for!

In general I have the notion that drinks should have a more important role in my life, but that can be related with the need to cut some of the solid food. Those ham sandwiches! Summer is coming. A question of balance.