Another Way to Die (or to Be Alive)

If you didn’t guess it yet, today one has to die multiple deaths. First you die physically then you die virtually. The fact is that after you were gone, someone has to “kill” your virtual you. If you have a Facebook account, for instance, there’s no use to keep it. And if by chance the “killer” returns to your account, he or she activates it again and suddenly you are virtually alive.

I don’t even talk about your e-mail, your Twitter account or your Linkedin profile. It feels like you die again and again. You might be mortal, but some of your accounts seem to be immortal.

If at least we could talk with those that are no longer with us via Skype or send them e-mail messages! Sometimes I feel tempted… What would I tell or write? Probably something along the line: “Even though I’ve been doing my best, it’s not easy.”

Today I woke up with these words in my mind: death is the ultimate betrayal. That says a lot about how I still feel.