This Story is Just for You

Once upon a time there was a lonely lady beetle leading a quiet wonderful life inside her rather charming cottage. She was alone because she didn’t know what she wanted in a guy. Then, one day, she found a valuable shinning coin in one hidden corner of her small cottage and decided it was time to end her solitude.

Miss B applied make-up, dressed up and opened the best window of her attractive cottage. She asked to any passerby: “Who wants to marry this lady beetle, so funny and so pretty?” She wouldn’t advertise herself as sad or ugly, obviously.

The first one to pass under her sparkling clean window was a crow. He didn’t look very friendly but said hello. He passed once and insisted. Oh, if he insisted! She didn’t encourage him. Still, he kept passing again and again.

But with time others showed up. There was a very young dog. He seemed rather odd. He was excited with the idea of getting married with someone like Miss B. She refused him because he was extremely noisy. Besides, she wanted someone with a story not one still smelling like diapers.

The third to pass under Miss B’s shinning window was a pig. This one was impressively big. He was also very calm and the right age. Yet, there was a no: he was rather pink and bald. “No thanks, Mr. Pig!” she replied to him.

The fourth candidate seemed to be very sick. He looked like someone in need of a stick. She waved him goodbye and waited.

From the left side came her uncle Prick. He too liked the idea of living with an old chick. “How obnoxious is that!” she thought with a shiver.

There were a couple of other guys and probably a few were yet to visit her street. Was the experience rewarding to Miss B? Yes, it was. Yes, it is. Because one day, among the procession of those she kept rejecting, a former boyfriend appeared and she remembered how happy she had been with him. And, more important than that, she finally understood the kind of husband she was looking for: a tall-good-guy. After all, three simple words describing her future pick!

That’s precisely what she said to her first admirer: “Mr. Crow, I am deeply flattered with your almost disturbing insistence but you are not my type. The world is full of beetles attracted to bad asses. That’s not me, Mr. Crow. You may have qualities I even admire, but you are not a TGG. You are just a TBA. Besides, you already missed your opportunity. The wait is almost over.”