Absolute Love

I don’t like stereotypes and, when I’m faced with one, I arduously try to break it. Lately, thanks to a handful of books and movies, the misconception about absolute love being necessarily absolute submission spread like weed. Just because someone decided to focus his/her attention on a type of behavior I find absolutely disgusting, now we have many thinking it’s cool to be stupidly submissive.

If you haven’t seen the movie “Secretary”, I recommend it. Being a caricature and eminently humoristic, it should be just that. But I am sure that some people watch it and think it’s okay to be spanked and whatsoever.

What I want to say is that some are capable of absolute love if they are absolutely loved. Without submission. Without whips. Without black leather. Without hot wax. And when absolute love ends, the right thing is to say goodbye, not finding twisted ways to keep alive what should already be buried.

You will only be absolutely loved if you are capable of absolute love. The rest is just a diversion.