Are you good with money?

These days I work hard. Hard as not having time to sleep, time to worry or even time for happiness. One only works this hard if one has these drives: money and pleasure. I am well paid and I take pleasure from what I do. My only concern is that I am currently doing only half of what I’m supposed to do and already full.

But this post is not about my agenda. It’s rather about one of my under achievements: money. I need money to keep this house running. The realization that money seems to evaporate led me to organize an account book. It’s all tidy and nice but in reality figures seldom check. As much as I note everything, there’s always less or more money than it should have been. I don’t suppose it’s distraction or lack of a system. I don’t really know the reason.

Presumably, you have to have a “money mind”, which I don’t. What I discovered is that I’m getting better and better, concluding, obviously, that (just like so many other things) to be a good accountant in life one has to practice accountability. 🙂