The Art of Piri-piri

About the art of piri-piri there’s one first thing I have to say: it’s quite appreciated round here. No one tastes piri-piri without stating an opinion: It’s fire, this one! Pretty delicious! Oh, my… (whatever)!

Piri-piri making is one of the jobs I inherited from Paul. I had to use my brain to discover the recipe: 1) One has to use some kind of piri-piri, obviously. 2) Since he started his piri-piri making there has been pickled veggies in our refrigerator.

Provided with the above certitude I prepared my first piri-piri. I bought mixed red and green piri-piri, as in the above picture (left). I asked my maid to clean it. I placed it in the basic kitchen blender and covered the hot stuff with 2 or 3 tablespoons of pickles and the same amount of olive oil. I beat the three ingredients until creamy and gave the result to taste. Andy said it was pretty good but it lacked salt. That way I discovered the fourth missing ingredient.

My first attempt was so successful (beginners luck?) that I heard people singing while dipping samosas in it, during a birthday party held at home. It disappeared in a matter of days.

My second and third attempts weren’t so great, because I am into experimenting and decided to add extra vinegar and use the genuine Nando’s sundried piri-piri grown in Mozambique and used worldwide (right). The result, in both cases, was less tasteful and very strong. People have been eating it. They all ask for piri-piri in this house. With a certain degree of amusement, I can see and hear their pain. I have to stick to my first attempt, definitively!

I haven’t been successful with all Paul’s jobs. Lamps for instance. Each lamp that burns is a personal tragedy for me. I have to check if there’s a similar one in stock or, if negative, I have to discover where to buy it. The number of table lamps waiting for skilled hands amount now to three. I am just unable to switch most of the lamps and I don’t think wise to call an electrician each time a lamp explodes. My plan to live in the dark is completely forgotten since I had to fight a ferocious battle with a bat or a couple of bats. I was so busy running scared I couldn’t count them! Is there a good lamp school?