A Walk in the Night… Again!

It’s curious this sleepwalking tendency of mine, I mean, not the tendency itself but the trigger factors of it. It’s a very loooonnnnngggggg time since I noticed it. I know it happens when I am more troubled than I want to admit. Just a few weeks ago I spent the first night really alone in this house. Just dogs and me! I slept in the couch, the place I select when I have extra work or extra worries. Apparently, my deep worry was a lot less perceptible than my surface worry.

Before sleep I closed all doors as usual, with a lot more care and attention. The next morning I was surprised to find this situation: 1) All the inner doors I had locked were open. 2) The front door was looked in the wrong place, since I never use the lock I activated during sleep. 3) One of the back doors was unlocked and it was Andy, who came early in the morning, who discovered this difference.

I explained I had been walking in the middle of my night, but I didn’t believe I went upstairs or even outdoors. He wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, he said:

“Little Andy also walks in the middle of his sleep. I have to hold him tight to avoid one to three walks during the night.”

As soon as Andy said that I felt a very asphyxiating sensation and realized why I hate so much to feel someone holding me while I sleep. We, sleepwalkers, have a particular need to feel free!