Things Change

I went to Durban without Paul. Andy(s) and I remembered all the time how he loved this wonderful place. We stayed at the hotel picked a year ago. We enjoyed so much that we already booked for February 2016.

During this three days short trip I was constantly faced with the changeable nature of things. I tried to do the same gestures but the result was different. The most amazing different thing I’ve done was buying one summer dress instead of ten or more. Yes, just one. Even more amazing, I didn’t buy them for lack of money or trying. They weren’t there waiting for me. Instead, I used my money to buy colorful bags and shoes, what I didn’t expect at all. Durban is a good place to buy flip-flops and I also skipped that part. I used the money to buy gifts. People noticed it and commented how clever I was for shopping early. First time they say such thing. I am not sure if I am early or if they are late.

Anyway, I don’t intend to make a list out of this post. Andy was driving Paul’s car. I was worried because he wasn’t well. The second day he recovered and had fun. It was a full Friday of shopping. The next three days I was so tired I could hardly move.

Even though things change, some never will. I got my Christmas dress and shoes. The dress is by a South African stylist and the shoes are Zara. I had to enter three different times the two different shops to suddenly realize they belong together.


The way I shop is extreme and almost painful. No wonder I only do it once or twice a year! I was dead tired to look for something new to wear for the New Year when I remembered a dress that I own. I already had the shoes and the dress looks perfect with them. Major problem solved!


Finally, I collected my very own Christmas gift. Talk about early!


Durban was a good lesson. Painful or not, we have to accept changes. Slowly, and still painfully, we say goodbye to Paul. Even though we will never forget him, we accommodate to the changes created by his absence.