I knew I could sleepwalk. It’s very rare. It only happens when I am deeply troubled. Unless my mother told me, I would never believe it. The experience is completely different from night terrors, which at some stage I experienced too. When sleepwalking, you are fast asleep and acting as if you were awaken. In a night terror, you are awakened but your mind makes you see the same things you were seeing while sleeping. In other words, you transport the nightmare to reality. There’s no suffering involved in sleepwalking, at least from my own experience, only some physical risk. Night terrors are the most painful experience you will ever have, even though I believe the pain depends a lot on the content of the dream.

My recent episodes in this domain are work related. I am tired and start to sleep, while a part of me carries on doing whatever I’m supposed to do. This must be half-sleepwalking. I am aware that I reach such state by lowering my heartbeats and keeping them at a certain specific rhythm. My body and mind only return to full consciousness with unusual, strong heartbeats. It’s painful and frighting.

But the reason I am talking about sleep disorders, today, is rather funny. People usually don’t believe when I tell them these sleeping stories of mine. I hardly believe them too. I knew I could walk and work while sleeping, but guess what? I can read too. The other day I was reading a Chinese horoscope book to ZM when I drifted into sleep. I kept reading senseless things. It didn’t last long because his laugh woke me up. He only checked because my voice suddenly sounded as if I were drunk. For his surprise, he noticed I was really sleeping. Actually, I was sleepreading…