My Santa Claus

From now on, my Santa Claus is going to be like this:
1) Instead of just one Santa, in my version there will be as many Santas as people in this world.
2) They will have happy faces and big bellies or sad faces and no belly at all, just like ordinary people.
3) My Santa Claus will deliver presents to me and to people around me, as other people’s Santa Claus do.
4) Some Santas will be more generous than others, as real life people.

I don’t see the point of having just one Santa, because children can spot so many in a single place or in a single day. My version is also a good excuse for those moments we are caught buying or wrapping presents. We can always say: “I am helping my Santa Claus!”

Even so I am fortunate to have a separate room where I hide the Christmas presents until the very last moment. With two toddlers around, I learned they hardly wait one hour before unwrapping whatever they found near the chimney or under the Christmas tree. It’s no use to stop them!