Best of January 2015

Old pictures.
I don’t know why old pictures look so good in this house. What I know is that I was about to enter into a new pictures phase and that costs me a lot. I went to the place and waited for Ed, the guy supposed to do the printing.

While waiting I asked myself about my priorities now. Given a few minutes of time and my spending decreases to 50%. In fact, I decided against printing 16 new pictures and frame them because I recognized that they would hang in some corner of the house waiting for the right time.

Besides, I’ve been hearing that only one guy in this town prints successfully and, if I have to pay, better pay to the right one.

Before I am in the position of spending more money with pictures, I have a list of other more urgent things to attend:

. new wall-stand for the main tv – done
. painting three areas downstairs – done
. retouching part of the exterior – done
. a new mattress already ordered – done
. new curtains for the living – almost done
. two handmade coffee tables – done
. revamping a third coffee table – done
. finishing a carpentry job – done
. new couch semi-ordered – done
. finally, the pictures – almost done

Only by writing down the above list I was able to see the cleverness of my move. The pictures would cost me a little more than two mattresses, or a little less than the couch, and right now I need cash. I don’t know what to do after completing my home makeover. Probably, I’ll wait for the next one.


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