Where Are You?

We were best friends, truly inseparable. I remember her faces, her names and personalities as if here and now: well-behaved Isabel, meeky Maria, pensive Luz and dreamy Seabell.

We were attending boarding school and somehow we knew that our friendship wouldn’t last forever. I suppose I was the one suggesting the all girl band. I remember every single detail of our musical project, except for the name of the band. I‘m afraid we had so many that I am not able to dig out a single one.

What I remember more vividly is the place where we used to play, near the baroque theater, the name of our teacher-manager (if I remember well he was also very active in theater), the smell of the room, the dark piano against the wall, the songs, the established band supporting our incipient tries and, above all, the sheer excitement of everything.

I was the first to leave. Even though the three other stayed, the band never took shape. I only met one of them years later, while studying law. Isabel, more serious than ever. By now she must be a busy lawyer. I don’t think she is trendy or famous, but I am sure she is successful in whatever she undertook or will undertake. Luz and Maria are married, for sure, and their main thing must be family. If they work, it’s a family business of some sort. If Luz is anything like her mother, she must have some sort of religious role.

This post is about friendship, about those friends we never forget… It’s also about old pictures. They are incredibly precious. If not for the one above, I am pretty sure I would have forgotten that once I was part of a girl band.