Best of February 2015

Once again I celebrate change and our chameleonic art of adaptation.
By mid February I was away in Johannesburg, as usual. I almost forgot that trip because I was too sick to tell. Even though I am not sure what happened to me, it seems I was a victim of one of those European winter bugs people insist in importing to Africa.

Looking back, I think it has been the second time I felt so sick in my entire life. I was unable to shop, as I normally would, enjoy food and the usual stuff people do when they take short vacations.

Maybe because I was so fragile, I also felt sad remembering Paul and how he would enjoy Johannesburg this time of the year. But everything changes. It’s not only new people we learn to love and enjoy. Things change at an amazing pace. The places where I usually shop are now boring and repetitive. New places are emerging and I can’t wait for the next opportunity. No bugs.

Picture by J. Cardoso.