Doctor Thoth

Thoth is my dog. Though he is very playful, with age he is getting wiser and wiser. Thanks to him, I developed the idea that dogs have professional inclinations. In a dogs’ world, Thoth would be a doctor for sure. I can see the way he detects a bruise, inspects it and tries to cure it. I was telling my impressions to someone when my clever dog spotted something on his right foot. He then confirmed he had a stuck nail. This is not really new, since we all know how useful and professional (in our own world) some working dogs are.

There’s another interesting thing about Thoth. He likes to sleep throughout the night and his soul mate, crazy lady Keketh, has the awkward tendency to bark at nothing and everything. Thankfully, Thoth found a simple solution long ago. When Keketh has insomnia, he closes the door from the kitchen-veranda, where they sleep, and, to make sure she stays, he sleeps against it. No more promenades to the backyard to bark at shadows and falling leaves. And we all sleep restfully in this house.

If you ask me what Keketh would be, I guess a night watcher or football player. She is pretty good with balls, always moving around with a ball between her teeth.