Thinking About…

I think about sex as a form of expression, like poetry, music, dancing, painting or any other. We write poetry to express something, using different ways: haiku, sonnets, etc. It is rare to find someone expressing himself always in the same way, because the essence of art is creating and also experimenting.

I suppose the same happens with sex, an art we tend to ignore. We have different forms of expressing our sexuality. Just like with any other art, it’s rare to find someone with only one form.

The questions I frequently ask myself are: How many forms of sexuality people have? Are they aware of such forms? Do they use them indifferently? Do they repress or sublimate one or some of them? When do they discover them? Do they discover them at all?

Besides the anti-social forms, those we commonly regard as offensive or criminal, I truly think we should know which ways are right for us. I counted at least four and I don’t think I would be happy if I was forced to ignore one or the four of them.

I also wonder, from time to time, if people only express themselves sexually or if they think about sex the way I always do.


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