Best of July 2015


French Kissing in Macaneta
My best of July should simply be our very short trip to Macaneta: watching the sunset, having dinner and waking up early to witness the sun rising above the Indian Ocean. We left on the 12th and returned the next day. The road is fantastic, especially if compared with what it used to be. Even though there were signs of progress on the construction of the bridge to link Marracuene village to Macaneta beach, we still had to use the ferryboat.

Regretfully, the sunset was nice, the dinner was horrendous and the sunrise was icy. The previous afternoon I had the courage to splash in the water, but the next morning was deadly cold. Later we discovered plenty of blankets on the chalet, but it was too late. The place where we stayed is only remarkable for the views. The rest is unacceptable.

Disappointed, we left for a new lodge, thinking about brunch or lunch. I opened the menu and was pleasantly surprised. In the middle of nowhere, French cuisine! French music and French welcome too… This is a delightful place to live, full of contrasts.