Blue and Green

The place where I live is changing fast. As my life has been changing a lot lately, it feels as if we were changing together. Changes are good to correct what is wrong. I’m trying to change for the better, so why not this town?

Long ago, I wrote about three things that could improve the local urban life. One was already under way (city parks), so I suggested another two. As one of them is being implemented right now (the water front), there’s only one left: Miradouro. The recuperation of Miradouro is about preservation and beauty. It doesn’t seem very expensive to transform Miradouro in a suitable place to be. It’s only a question of improving and maintaining what is already there. The lower part, where the homeless live and gather all sorts of trash, is tricky. Once cleaned, rebuilt and protected, the corridor-like space could be used for small commerce stalls and coffee-esplanades.

But this post is about two new other aspects. The first: it doesn’t look like the new roads are enough to ease the traffic. The only way to solve this question is by removing every possible service (schools, health centers and similar) to the outskirts of the city, where most people live. It doesn’t make sense to have large public schools in the heart of the city, where most of the residents attend private schools. The situation forces the children to walk kilometers and their families to pay for transportation.

The second aspect is park related. Parks are more than green and fun. They are like commas in a sentence, allowing different architectural approaches. If people ignore that aspect, then mistakes occur. There’s a park nearby. It should be used to create a space between tall buildings and villas. When someone lives in a detached house, he expects to look outside and see the blue sky and the green of the trees. The only way to do that is by using parks to separate different concepts. Because someone forgot it, I have to deal, on a daily basis, with one of the many architectural mistakes of this town. Instead of blue and green, I mainly see this absurd.