Marine Sanctuary

The weather is changing from winter to summer. Yesterday, during the afternoon walk, I heard about a cold front for the weekend. It must be the last one. It’s Thursday and I wear short sleeves. Maybe I shouldn’t… I’ve just heard Andy sneezing outside!

It was a little bit hard returning to work after the long weekend in Ponta do Ouro. I enjoyed watching the dolphins and whales. The dolphins are resident but the whales are seasonal. They cross the southern winter sea, just a little below the horizon, right in front of the house where we were staying.

I told the owners they had constructed that house in front of a marine sanctuary. I wasn’t being nice. It’s the truth, confirmed by the semi-rigid boats from the diving schools visiting the spot all day long. People love a sincere compliment. To tell another truth, I returned with dark circles from spending hours with binoculars attached to my eyes.