Best of September 2015

September is good for long weekends. On the first one we went to Ponta do Ouro. It was exciting as usual. Yet, for the first time, we noticed the wildlife. Something is changing and I just hope it’s the people understanding the importance of that wonderful part of Africa. We saw hippos, monkeys and grey duikers. Someone who crossed after us took the picture of zebras having a good time with the local cattle. This happened outside the Maputo Reserve, so it’s about wildlife coexisting with people. For the first time, ever since, I travelled to Ponta feeling like I was in Africa.

On the 25th, the last long weekend of September, we visited the Kruger National Park. Though we didn’t meet the Big Five, we saw tens of elephants and enjoyed some unforgettable sights. We only missed the lions and the buffalos, just because the hotel, where we intended to stay, was fully booked. And so were all the hotels in Nelspruit. Next time we shall have to remember that it’s a long weekend in South Africa as well.