Where I Am

The place where I am right now has very little of Africa. In fact, it’s the result of a meltdown, with the worst of both worlds. In spite of that, it’s one of the best towns in Africa, with all the worries, challenges and niceties of living packed like sardines.

Right now they are destroying a good number of nice family houses to build skyscrapers or whatever. I don’t mind tall buildings, as long as they are confined to a certain space. For the rest, two levels are more than enough. The current tendency here is building to make easy money. The construction fever is slowing down a little bit, with some observers already talking about crisis

The pictures were taken at night, from a 14th floor of a local building. I was there, but they are not mine. I don’t like to be that high. If I were forced to sleep in a place like that, I would have terrible nightmares.

What I enjoy the most around here are the long weekends, when most of the drivers and their families head for the beaches or other places. The town seems to empty and an unusual silence descends over the streets and neighborhoods. It’s when faraway drums pierce the heat of the afternoon or the dark of the night. During two or three days, it is as if by erasing part of one side the other automatically surfaced. Suddenly, I am reminded of where I truly am.