Best of October 2015

A Letter

Not every day the sun shines in the same way; but the sun exists. Not always the flight of birds is a message of joy; however, they are a presence in our space and in our daily lives.

The sun, the birds, a smile… Or why not? People marching towards freedom with child steps – are enough reasons to be.

We have to make life a whole, of which, what you think now to be very important and very dear, is no more than a small part.

We have to find ourselves fully in life and create conditions so that there will never be dependencies. At least you have to succeed… I believe in your strength – I already know it.

I sincerely hope that you overcome this feeling of “incompleteness” and accept the friendship and the deep kiss that I am offering.

If the lightest caresses leave the deepest marks, we have designed, in our skin, a scar that will be difficult to heal. Help me.

This is the translation of the last letter I wrote to someone, many years ago, ending a painful process of separation. I am not sure if the words sound as good as they sound in the original version. Today we live together. We should never say goodbye to someone we love