Best of 2015

A Moment
We were in Durban visiting the swimming pool deck of the hotel where we stayed. It was empty, desolated, somber and wet. It had been raining since the previous afternoon.

Even so we took pictures. If we don’t, it seems as if the moment is lost forever. You know, it’s no longer enough to live. We have to record what we live. And if we don’t, it feels (to some) like we only live a chain of trivial moments not worth to register with a camera. This is not bitterness. It’s a fact. I just worry because the most important moments of my life are not recorded and probably I am the only one aware of it.

Nevertheless, there is a picture about a special moment I lived in 2015. It’s not the picture itself, where I only look a silly someone. It’s because it was taken the moment a wild duck crossed the skies just a few meters above my head. It was so powerful to see the shape and harmony of the body in full flight, the beautiful colors of the feathers…

There are constructions sites in all the region. Besides, someone had already called our attention to the effect of the dry season on the wild birds. If I’ll always remember and treasure the moment, it wont be because of my pictures. It’s the picture of the duck in my head and in my heart. I just wish we could do what we do without compromising the existence of another beings.