Best of January 2016

A Serenade
It’s 2am. I am sleeping in the front room with the lights on. I wake up with a car playing very loud R&B. At first I think it’s a passing car but no. The music is steady high, doesn’t move.

In part intrigued, I get out of bed and look outside. Surprisingly, it’s not music coming from somewhere in the dark. Right in front of my house, a shinning whitish car is stopped with the motor on and plays loud romantic music, the kind of music local cars don’t play at 2am.

Making me see that the incredible absurd idea of someone serenading me in the middle of the night is possible, the occupant of the car, as soon as I move the curtains, turns the music off (he could just have closed the window) and drives away fast.

Except for the fact that R&B is not my first option, my heart beats fast with the idea of someone, in this crazy town, crazy enough to think of a serenade in the middle of the precise first night I am sleeping alone. Shall I be pleased or frightened with the temerity of this bold modern (???) serenader?

When I talked with the guard about it, he confirmed that this car didn’t arrive with the music on. It stopped, played the music and moved away as soon as it was clear that the house was fully awake. Right now I am not sure if I would look into his eyes and smile or be mad at him. Damnit, who are you?

Hours later I had lunch (chicken curry) with Andy and his friend Babá. They told me that no one with less than 40 could have done such infamous thing. Perfect. Boldness, checks. Mood, checks. Age, checks. Damnit, where are you?

The next two nights
Saturday I was awaken with a strong bang noise precisely at 2:15am. It could have been a nearby gate closing or some car braking or speeding. Probably because I watched a movie about birds before sleep, Sunday night was very restful. Whoever this mysterious personage is – and if he has some pendent business with me – he must be a romantic freelancer or he is sending me a clear message to take it slowly.

By chance this is Tales From the Sea post 1.000, celebrated with music and romance!