Best of February 2016

Visits to Ponta do Ouro… It’s Not About Imagination!
Last week I returned to Ponta do Ouro. It’s not a lack of imagination. Our options were cut short due to security issues. Nearby we have Bilene (not a good beach), Macaneta (not that bad but the ferryboat is far from being safe) and finally Ponta do Ouro.

Having in mind the dirt road and that this was a fourth time in two months, it has been a remarkable deed. What stands against a fifth visit is the north wind that brings blue bottles with it. I escaped one time but had nasty experiences the other three. It’s worrying when children are involved, since the pain is excruciating. I suppose some people are more appealing to them, especially those who spend hours inside the water.

The best thing about this time? Well, Saturday the 5th was the best of this summer! In Ponta do Ouro it is easy to recognize a special day. Instead of two breaking waves there’s only one. I’ll never forget it. A few years ago I experienced the same and I still remember it. It was February 16, 2007. Once again, the best way to show you how nice it was is by posting a few pictures…