Words or reality?

The world is a strange place to live. Here I am, Thursday March 17, having to decide, in my heart, between words and reality. Well, I am not presenting you another poll since this one is way important to me.

“Words” is someone I met almost 10 years ago. I suspect he is more attractive in terms of…


“Reality” is someone I met long time ago. I know him very well and feel comfortable at his side. This is what he represents to me:

he is real
he is here
he is gentle
he is supportive

I know what you are thinking, just because, since I wrote it down, I am thinking the same. I’ll have to pick between a bad lover and a good friend. Great!


4 thoughts on “Words or reality?

    1. Well, until this morning I thought I had picked reality. But then I realized that the only one imposing a choice was I. There’s a part of me thinking that love should be in a way that is not reasonable or even possible. Sometimes we love what we have and what we don’t have. That’s what I decided.

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