Poets and Analysts

It’s not the first time I write that I have this thing for poets and political analysts. I thought that by becoming a poet or a political analyst I would be less enthusiastic. No way. Probably I am more selective and demanding. My admiration is still intact.

I’ve been reading a great deal of political stuff. From time to time, I am amazed with the ideas. A well-known analyst suggested, recently, that it’s a mistake to keep accusing the African leaders of corruption and longevity in power. One of the reasons evoked is the questionable behavior of western leaders. The example of the current USA candidates was mentioned. The other reason is that they rarely are criticized for what really matters: their incapacity to improve the life of African citizens.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense for some, mainly because the three aspects are usually associated. But if you think in electoral terms, an African voter regards longevity as a very prestigious thing. As for corruption, I guarantee you that many out there vote for corrupt leaders just because they consider them to be smart. It would be a completely different game if they clearly understood that such person doesn’t care about them.

To use an analogy, I see this as trying to hit someone whose ears are longevity and corruption. His head is bad leadership. In case you want to knock him down, you surely wouldn’t aim at his ears. Questionable or not, ideas are a pretty nice thing…