Against Fake Promises and Crowded Spaces

I am against deceitful advertisement. Last Thursday, instead of coming up with some idea for Tales From the Sea, I visited a restaurant. Lately, I am into jazz. I just don’t know where the inclination came from… I suppose jazz is big right now or will be in times to come.

The restaurant in question advertised jazz and jazz we got. But such a shy presence and quantity! I was disappointed with that advertised part of the restaurant. The rest – place, food, service and atmosphere – was very okay. Company was brilliant. I don’t like when people advertise something that we don’t get. That’s all I have to say.

Actually, I have something to add. Two days after that we went to a sunset café. It used to be quiet and private. Things changed. Now it’s busy and crowded. The café is prospering. The sunset is fading away.