I love flowers. Unfortunately, I love them in gardens or fields and also in vases for decorative purposes. A few days ago I read one of those Facebook posts trying to make us feel like criminals for buying flowers. I have people in my family who follow the principle of keeping them where they belong. I just can’t resist taking them home and I feel as guilty about that as about drinking two glasses of wine: zero guilty!

Anyway, I stopped to analyze why on earth am I buying flowers on a weekly basis. Here are the only three reasons: beauty, exercise and company. I don’t buy just like that. I buy when the bouquet means something to me. Sometimes I just don’t buy. I do the same with wine. If my favorite brands are not available, I don’t buy.

As for exercise, I take some pleasure of mounting different versions with the same bouquet. If not daily, it happens at least three times a week. I do the same with fruit.

Finally, I work at home. Sometimes I spend day after day inside a room where flowers are the only happy thing remembering me a world out there. They keep me company and make me feel motivated. It’s an honest reason.


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