Tomorrow is Independence Day in Mozambique. Forty-one years ago there was a big ceremony at Machava Stadium. People still talk about it. I asked a forty something Mozambican how he would celebrate the occasion. He answered: “I’ll work. We don’t feel like celebrating, these days. Only if Samora was alive! He knew how to celebrate. Right now we only celebrate when we earn some money to keep things going.”

Around here, the mood is somber. I think people cope with lots of difficulties and now they have the everyday news about people stealing public money and getting away with it.

For different reasons, I also don’t feel like celebrating. I work hard and the only thing I expect is that people around me don’t make waves. I am not that lucky. Probably, I should just sleep till tomorrow. (The lines “Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow/You’re only a day away” are spot on. Things are changing for the better…)