Ten Years Old


WordPress congratulated me for something I wouldn’t be immediately aware: Tales From the Sea celebrated, very recently, ten years of existence!

I don’t know how many bloggers still write after 10 years, but I surely would like to know. So, my retribution to WordPress is a suggestion: let’s congratulate single-minded bloggers by finding a nice way to show that their perseverance matters…

Hip, hip, hooray!


2 thoughts on “Ten Years Old

  1. Really? That’s pretty exciting!
    Congratulations! It’s really a good journey.
    I has been 2 years since I’m on WordPress. I can’t say that I wrote all this while but read more. I wrote much but not uploaded any on WordPress. Now looking forward to being an active writer on WordPress.
    On the whole, it’s an achievement for you. So again, much congratulations! 😄

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