Talk Offices

It is ages since I took note of my intention to write about post offices. In order to be more incisive, I collected a few texts on the subject. Even though I don’t know where such texts are, the note always reminds me of my intention to talk about the future of the postal service.

I know post offices are doing their best to survive in a new world where communications are no longer their exclusive domain. A couple of months ago I had to send a registered letter. Upon my arrival at the post office, I noticed that one of the two ladies employees was engaged in a very long conversation with an old gentleman. The second one received my letter and gave me a square form to be filled. Soon she was discussing this and that with me. Somehow, I was interested and talking back.

Shortly after, I read about things that post offices are doing to keep the postal business alive and remembered the way those two ladies talked with their clients. Why not turning post offices in places where people can go just to sit and talk with someone about anything worth to talk about? I absolutely would use such service from time to time, be it over the phone, through a screen or mainly face to face.