Reading the Signs

I know someone. That someone is a good guy. He talks about his “wars” against colleagues, friends and even family. I listen and try to be fair. However, he does not expect fairness. He expects blind applause. That is not me and will never be.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that, sooner or later, aggressive people hurt you. Right now I am in the process of synthesizing, in my analytical mind, that when someone tells you stories about war, you end up bleeding.

I am concluding that if someone is fighting some war you are not directly involved, you have to be clear from the start and say: “I am out. I do not agree. Thank you, but no. I am glad and happy to be in peace with myself and the whole world.

They hurt you, while swearing they don’t. That is what I have learned. They are hurt because of someone or something and, the first thing they do, is hurting you. The despicable side of human nature. Violence begets violence. You have to stand, from the first moment, against it.

The thing is that I am almost convinced that what is true for us is also true for countries. The message is clear: if you don’t want war in your borders, you have to show it fast and clearly.