Bad Dreams


Nightmares hurt me a lot. I suffer much more during sleep than I am capable of suffering in reality. When anything nasty happens in real life, I am awake and alert. I am able to control my emotions and actions.

During sleep things get out of control. My ability to suffer increases in a frightening way. When I wake up, I vividly remember the dream and feel the pain in my chest. The pain is real and doesn’t seem like a good thing to feel. Sometimes hours go by before I can get rid of the oppression of such painful feelings.

My reactions are extreme and show a lack of control. Sometimes during the nightmare, I divide myself into two different people, to be able to demarcate from the actions of the other self. For what I do as I dream, I suppose I control myself too much. I have a fair amount of repressed. That’s why I like to write suspense and horror or activities like tae bo.

Until my adolescence, I had periods of night terrors and somnambulism. The way I experience nightmares can be a residue from the past. Then I had the reassurance of my parents’ arms. These days I hug myself until the pain disappears.


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