The Crow


I saw a crow rattling a rat’s brain on the town walk. People passed indifferently, as if it were normal. I cannot forget the image. These crows are not from here. I heard they came from India, multiplied on the island of Inhaca and now invaded the capital. As they are territorial and aggressive, all other birds are being decimated before our indifferent gaze.

The sun, which I have so often thought and said to love, is being ruthless. As in other parts of the world, the difference between summer and winter almost ceased to exist. Summer has come and the truth is that I rarely feel the appeal I once felt. There are days when the sun has nothing friendly. What are we doing to the place where we live?

The lack of gentleness is becoming general. The unkindness of the others is always easy to observe. We sit in front of the televisions and utter exclamations of disapproval. Let us discuss with colleagues the insensitivity of this and that. What about our own insensitivity and rudeness? Everything begins and ends in us.